12 Tips For Frequent Travelers

Travelling is one of the most commonly founded hobbies these days. Visiting new places exploring unseen areas is a tremendous and unmatchable experience. Apart from that it is a bit uncomfortable because wherever you are, that is not your home and many times a single mistake can ruin your day or even your whole trip which no one wants to experience.

Here we’ve gathered some information from some experienced frequent travellers which can be very helpful to someone who doesn’t want his trip to be a curse.


1- Make A Copy Of Necessary Documents:

Creating a backup of your necessary documents either in hard copy or soft copy, Luggage misplacement is a very common thing when you are travellers. In case it happens to you, you will have all the legal documentation with you.

2- Double Check the Passport Expiry:

As there are different laws in every country, some countries do not allow the passport with an expiry within 6 months. Check the policy of the country you are going to enter double check your passport validity earlier. Rather than exiting from the airport before entering the country.

3- Take A Photo of Your Luggage:

Act one step forward and take snaps of your luggage in case if it is lost, you can show other people to identify your luggage.

4- Get Hard Copies Of The Reservations:

Rather than scrolling among 100’s of emails get it in a hard copy form and show it to the agent desk right away. Either it is a hotel, airplane or somewhere else. It will also prevent hassle if the email system or hotel system glitches.

5- Cover Your Trip:

Smart person is the one who covers his/ her trip (insure) in case of any mishap you will be secured to hospital or any other thing which is totally unexpected in your trip.

6- Carry Concise And Concrete:

Pack Lightly but useful stuff you need. Do not overload the things you can buy at your destination. Do not include disposable things with you. Take all the things with you which are not available at your destination or in your journey.

7- Pre-Alert Your Bank:

Notify your bank that you are going to travel and better to inform the locations you are going to. In case if your card is stolen and there is an unusual activity a small update from your side would be enough.

8- Make a List Of Nearby Emergency Centers:

The Simple is, Google it! Search on map for the nearby hospitals, police stations and write down their contact numbers as well.

9- Read Up On Local Scams:

Give some time to read about the popular scams by locals in the area you are going.

Google “[your destination] scams” and 30 minutes of reading could save you money or even save your life.

10- Pre Plan Your Local Transportation There:

Before flying from your origin make a solid booking of any car hire service or a cab, because at landing to a new place there is no one known there, you are tired and frustrated and willing to reach to your hotel room ASAP.

Plus for local transportation, you are unaware of bus/ train routes. Rather than stucking in this problem use some car rental service like avis, europcar etc their service is available in most of the countries. You can get a car of your choice, you can select where you want the car and where you are supposed to leave the car. This is a very hassle free service rather than waiting for a cab or walking miles to get the train. Open google maps and go wherever you want to go with the help of the map.

This car rent service is a must have service, it saves your time and money as well. You can use discount codes by just typing avis discount codes on google and get 100’s of discount codes will appear which help you in saving up to 40% on your price. 

11- Currency Exchange:

Rather than Getting lowest conversion rate at the airport, take some currency from that country with you. And then search for the best rates in the market and exchange from there instead of the airport.

12- Capture Outside View Of Hotel and Write Down Address In Local Language:

When going out from your hotel or any accommodation, take a snap from outside and write down the address in local language in the cafe if you lost your way. These things are going to help you out.

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