Phoenix also was born 10 weeks early

Phoenix also was born 10 weeks early and weighing only 3 pounds, so that they couldn’t take him home for 6 weeks, an experience Nick called the “toughest and yet most wonderful weeks of my life.”

“As Dads, I feel we frequently feel a pressure to be this impenetrable pillar of strength,” he wrote on Instagram in June. “Phoenix jogged my memory that the last word show of strength is love.”

Vanessa told in 2013 that, if she could have offered her younger self any relationship advice, it might be, “don’t take everything so seriously crazy. Trust is that the most vital part of a relationship, closely followed by communication. I feel that if you’ve got those two things, everything else falls into place—your affection, your emotional connection.”

She added, “I haven’t any secrets and no skeletons in my closet with my husband, and that I love that. I feel comfortable and comfortable with myself when I’m around him. I like the lady that I’ve become with him.” Visit Here To Read the latest Celebrity, business articles.

Not that life has been all romance, cozy family tableaux, and spirited Dancing With the celebs rivalries for the couple, who celebrated their eighth anniversary that July.

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